Wensum Valley Cycling

Our Rides


We ride throughout the year, but all rides are weather permitting. If there is the risk of ice, we may go off-road on mountain bikes.

Ride details and updates are published on the relevant WhatsApp group. Please arrive 15 minutes early for pre-ride briefing and ride registration – which must be done on the day.

Sunday Mornings (Woodforde Wheelers)

All year, from The Parson Woodforde, at 9.15am, with a café stop.  Distance 40 to 60 miles (64 to 96 km). There will be multiple groups – 18 mph+ (29 km/h) and 15 mph+ (24 km/h), with intermediate(s) as necessary.

Thursday Mornings

Started again on 14 September – during Autumn, Winter and Spring, from The Parson Woodforde, at 9.30am, with a café stop. Distance around 35 miles (56 km). There will be two groups – around 18 mph+ (29 km/h) and 15 mph+ (24 km/h).Currently suspended, Thursday evening rides have now taken over.

Thursday Evenings (Parson’s Peddler)

Currently suspended, start again on 11 April 2024 – during the summer months, from The Parson Woodforde, at 6.30pm. Distance around 35 miles (56 km). There can be multiple groups (depending on numbers) – 22+ mph (35+ km/h), 20+ mph (32+ km/h), 18+ mph (29+ km/h), 16+ mph (26+ km/h), 15+ mph (24 km/h). There will also be a relaxed 25 mile (40 km) ride for slower, less experienced riders. Lights will be needed at the start end end of the season.

Saturday Specials

It could be a 100 mile (160 km) road ride, or off-road on mountain bikes, or anything in between – meeting anywhere! They generally take place once a month, with details published on the WhatsApp group.


We often have a presence at sportives, so to let other members know that you are interested in an upcoming event, or have registered, click here.  If you want to know if anyone has expressed an interest in an event, or registered, click here.


We operate a membership scheme, and are happy to invite potential new members to try us before joining. If you would like more information please email bike@wensumvalleycycling.club.

Riders and guests, are required to complete ride registration – on the day of the ride. It is also a requirement for all riders to wear a properly adjusted cycle helmet.

Members’ family and friends, who may be visiting, are welcome to join us on our rides, providing they are able to maintain the appropriate pace and have read and understood Part 2 of our handbook on group riding.

A ride leader will plan a route and publish it on the WhatsApp group, which will also give last-minute updates. Leaders are insured against third-party risks.

We have a no-drop policy, so if someone is struggling, the group will adjust their pace to suit the slower rider.  It is important that you are in the correct group, as it ensures everyone has an enjoyable ride. It can sometimes be difficult to know when someone has dropped off, especially with faster groups. Mistakes do happen.  It then just takes a turn, or mechanical, to lose a rider. It’s why we encourage the use of a cycle satnav, and loading the route. Please see Part 2 of our handbook on group riding.

Please dress appropriately for the weather, and ensure your bike is well maintained and fully roadworthy.  Full-length mudguards should be fitted during the winter months.  Bring a spare inner tube, puncture repair patches, tyre levers, pump, ‘tyre boot’ and allen keys.  You might also wish to consider a CO2 pump and some disposable gloves.  Bring plenty to drink and snacks, particularly for longer rides.  Lights will be needed for Thursday evening rides at the start and end of the season.  Don’t forget your mobile phone and credit card/cash for café stops, and refreshments back at the pub!  Knowing how to fix a puncture is advisable (if you don’t know, we will show you).

Email bike@wensumvalleycycling.club for more information.
Please do not contact The Parson Woodforde.