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The importance of eating and drinking cannot be over stated – even before a ride! Getting it right, particularly for those that are endurance and/or performance orientated, can be quite complicated. British Cycling have produced a really useful Nutrition Guide, which should help.


A nice café stop is an important part of cycling, and a must on long rides.

WVC Favourites – our Cafés Map shows lots of lovely places to stop. It can help ride leaders plan a ride involving a large group. Be aware that some are seasonal, others may be closed on some days of the week, and some may only be able to cater for a large group outdoors. Please help keep the map up to date by using the following Add/Amend Café.

Favourites (large group) – are particularly suitable for Sunday rides. The majority have been visited and are well know – please phone to check availability and capacity. A ride attendance request my need to be put on WhatsApp to ascertain numbers. If you find a café is not suitable for a large group, please let us know.

Favourites – speaks for itself – recommend a move to another group.

Others – also details lots of lovely cafés  – recommend a move.

New Additions – recent finds that are worth a visit (see map notes).

The Cake Crusader – the map gives details of cafés and tearooms, “throughout Norfolk, and beyond”, as well as a list by location, and reviews – map, Facebook, website

Café Network – the map also shows bike shops, cycling clubs, accommodation and cycle holiday organisations – map (can take time to load), Facebook

Norfolk Cycling Cake Stops – often good for discovering new cafés – Facebook

Email bike@wensumvalleycycling.club for more information.
Please do not contact The Parson Woodforde.